Cash vs Debit-Credit Cards

I recently started running my daily spending off of a debit card instead of cash and I began to notice a trend. When I carry cash I am constantly counting it and keeping close watch on my spending but when I use my debit card I don't actually see the money transfer in a physical way, Do I am detached from the physical accountability of managing my cash.

This practice has caused me to make spending changes.. I used to be very thrifty with my physical cash because I realized when it was gone that I had "No More".

But with digital debit-credit cash I no longer seemed to worry about "Not Having Cash".  I was no longer accountable for the physical transfer of my cash. The banks managed all of it for me.

This has caused me to start spending out side or "Over My Budget". I've forgotten that I need to buy the discount fountain drink instead of the 4.00 Red Bull.

I've forgotten that I need to bring a sack lunch to work instead of eating at Sonic or Burger King.

In essence. I have Forgotten how to manage my money and there fore I have forgotten how to "Save Money"

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